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Hugo Salas
Legal Assistant

Hugo Salas has been a bilingual paralegal with the Law Offices of Shirley Sajadi since 2017. Hugo manages the waiver (or “perdon”) document caseload, ensuring all documents are complete and index is created before the attorney finalizes the package. Hugo received his bachelor's degrees in business administration, administrative law and Law Office Administration from Robert Morris College, where he also studied to become a paralegal (“Auxiliar en Derecho”).

It was through his legal studies, together with all that was happening with immigration in this country, that Hugo found his passion, helping immigrants navigate our complex immigration system. Working as a paralegal at an immigration law firm allows him to not only work in the legal field, but also to work directly with immigrants and make a difference in their lives. His commitment to immigrants and justice has allowed to thrive at the Law Offices, ultimately working his way up to become the managing paralegal for our waiver workload, which is one of the main types of cases our office handles.

As an immigrant, Hugo is passionate about fighting the injustices he sees in our communities and against negative stereotypes of immigrants. He believes that we can NEVER stay silent and MUST challenge people who support people and policies that deny who he is, what he does, or who he loves. In other words, it's okay to disagree that you like pickles, but it's not okay to disagree about racism or the basic humanity of immigrants.

Hugo actively participates in community protests and calls for action demanding change, using his experience and education to move the conversation forward. He believes that only through community pressure can our nation begin to build a better future for all.

Hugo enjoys being active and outdoors, so loves to swim, bike and rollerblade.

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